When are your office hours?
I see clients Monday through Friday, from 8am until 5pm.

Where is your office located?
My office is at 1410 17th Ave S. Nashville, TN 37212

What are your rates, and how can I pay?
My customary rate for a 50-minute professional counseling session is $140. I have a limited number of spaces available at a reduced rate for those with financial constraints. I take cash, checks, health savings account cards, and credit cards. From both personal and professional experience, I believe counseling is an excellent investment in your well-being. 

Can I use my health insurance?
I am no longer an in-network provider with any insurance company. However, many plans will consider me an “out-of-network provider” and will cover a portion of our work together after you have met a deductible. Once the deductible is met, you may receive a reimbursement for a percentage of what your insurance company determines to be an acceptable fee, which may differ from actual cost. I will be happy to supply you with an invoice for services with the standard diagnostic and procedure codes for billing purposes, the times we met, applicable charges, and payments made. You can use this to apply for reimbursement.

If you would like to investigate the possibility of reimbursement for out-of-network coverage, please check your policy carefully and then contact your insurance provider. I can supply you with a list of questions that may be helpful to ask your insurance provider, should you request this.

What are reasons to pay privately or “out of pocket”?
Because insurance companies only cover care that is "medically necessary," i.e. that which has a recognized mental health diagnosis attached, insurance does not cover the full range of concerns people bring to counseling. People seek counseling for many reasons, ranging from diagnosable depression or anxiety to concerns with identity (spirituality, LGBT issues, self-acceptance) or phase of life (transition to a new job or relationship, parenting, occupation).

Many clients choose not to use insurance to defer the cost of counseling because they do not want their counseling to be limited by diagnoses, treatment plans, type of therapy, or session limits as dictated by insurance companies. Many clients are also concerned about privacy. In order to obtain reimbursement, the insurance company has to know personal information about you and can review your records at their discretion. Mental health diagnoses, once submitted, become a part of your permanent health care record, and could potentially lead to limitations later on, such as denial for quality life insurance or health insurance. You are encouraged to contact your insurance company if you have any questions about what records they may or may not request and what implications they may have for your future health care needs.